June 29, 2011

Post SCG Baltimore


SCG Baltimore was amazing, what can i say.  I met a lot of cool people and painted a LOT of cool cards.
Here is a picture of one of my take home commissions:

Conch Horn?!  I know.  But I will paint anything that you want.  =)

On another note,  the winner of the Trinket Mage was Ethan Koenick from Maryland.  Congrats and you should be receiving it in the next few days in the mail!!!

That's all for today, but I have my brushes ready to go for Pitt and my binder will have many many more treats this time!


June 23, 2011

Buy an alter, win an alter!!!

This weekend at SCG Baltimore I will have this lovely FULL ART Trinket Mage to give away to one lucky winner that either purchases an alter from me, has me alter a card for him/her this weekend, or pays for any commission to be done after the event!  You will be entered as many times as you purchase.
And yes, I CAN and WILL take your credit cards via secure Square.  Without further a due, Here is the prize!


Modflyalters at yahoo dot com
@Modflyalters on Twitter

June 22, 2011

Paint Paint Paint! SCG Baltimore Prep, and more!

So Saturday is my first ever large scale event that I will be on site painting for.  SCG OPEN BALTIMORE HERE I COME!  I have been busy painting all week long for my customers and I am ready for the challenge! 

Currently I am working on a friends ENTIRE traditional Chinese Merfolk Legacy deck.  Here is a sample card and maybe you will play against him Sunday at the Legacy Open.  Don't get distracted!

Cant wait til Saturday so I can get this first event under my belt.  I will be doing MANY more of these SCG Opens the rest of 2011.  Here is a list of the Star City events in which I will be on site painting and taking commissions.

06/25/11 - Baltimore, MD
07/30/11 - Pittsburgh, PA
08/13/11 - Richmond, VA
08/20/11 - Boston, MA
10/01/11 - Indianapolis, IN
10/22/11 - Baltimore, MD
12/09/11 - Charlotte, NC Invitational

Any questions or comments please contact me at Modflyalters at yahoo dot com
Or follow me on Twitter @Modflyalters

June 4, 2011

Comic characters are getting better!

I don't do these often, but I feel that since I'm putting my self so far out there now I am in need of this skill set.  So I have been practicing!

Any feedback would be super!

Commissions and questions:  Modflyalters at yahoo dot com

June 1, 2011

I Heart Accessories!

I have recently found out that I WILL be attending Starcity Games Open Baltimore on June 25-26!!!  SO in light of this great news I have turned on the engines to create some great works to display and sell at this event that hopefully can seperate me from the pack!!! 

Here is a sneak peek of some great equipments I have been working on:

Both of these among many many others will be on display for sale at SCG Baltimore.

Contact me at Modflyalters@yahoo.com

or on Twitter at @Modflyalters