October 25, 2011

Everyone needs a little Goldblum in their life!

After sitting next to Eric Klug (you know THE Eric Klug, Master of the character alter) for all of SCG Baltimore, I picked up on a few things. First thing... less certainly is more. A Quality product will net you more in the long run than lots of speedy "get 'em done fast"'s. Secondly, the better you are the more you can charge. And the more you can charge, the more likely you will get some amazingly fun and crazy alter commissions. So my very first commission from SCG Baltimore is in the bag. Took my sweet time, and the result: A face only a mother could love.

Jeff Goldblum Human, and Jeff Goldblum Fly... You decide which is worse folks!!!

1 comment:

  1. !!! I've been saying I wanted a alter like this since I saw it!